About The Author - Trudie Hayes

Trudie Hayes is the author of the children’s book, “Of All the People In The World To Be… I Am Glad That I Am Me!”® The book is a classic tale about growing up. When children accomplish special milestones, it signifies each year in their journey to realizing who they will be in life. Hayes has several other children’s books in the works due to be published in the coming year. She also has a line of bracelets called Kope Ropes® that are emblazoned with a phrase Hayes trademarked, “Love Your Me!®” This umbrella theme, “Love Your Me,” signifies the author’s mission to spread the core values of self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-love to children of all ages.

Hayes’ personal story and family life has shaped this mission. She has been a caregiver throughout much of her life, even while working full-time and furthering her education. For over a decade, Hayes worked with physically and mentally disabled adults and children, both in group homes and one-on-one. Throughout the years, Hayes cared for several elderly patients in a private care setting who were close to her heart. She would not only cater to their medical and health needs, but also saw them through their final days, carrying out their wishes with dignity, grace, and compassion.

These experiences have given her a deep understanding of not only the trials struggles associated with disability and illness, but more importantly, the inspiration and many joys that are part of these relationships as a caregiver.

It is through these myriad life experiences that Hayes began writing for children, with a grander vision of promoting confidence and personal growth.

Hayes was born and raised in Connecticut and still calls the Nutmeg State home. She is the oldest of three siblings who she still gratefully remains close to as an adult. When Hayes is not writing or managing her business, she dedicates her time to other creative outlets and artistic pursuits. Hayes has a deep appreciation and passion for music in its many forms; she is a song writer and performer with an affinity for jazz.

“As far back as I can recall, I have studied the human condition, including my own. I was always the proverbial fly on the wall - watching, listening and internalizing every subtlety. It is here my lifelong respect for words and language was born. While words can belittle or malign, they can also nurture and inspire. There is even power in small words. Three such words have touched my life in ways I never thought possible and I truly hope they have a wonderful impact on yours as well. May you always...‘Love Your Me!’”
~ Trudie L. Hayes, author